Two Helpful Tools for Saving Time & Money

I got to hang out with a great friend and her sister tonight, and they shared some thoughts on this site. One suggestion they had was that they’d love to know upfront how much time is involved in redeeming/collecting the deals I list here. Jess mentioned that sometimes she just doesn’t have time to fill in the forms required and she’s right! None of us do.

Now you can fill out forms fast with this free download: ROBOFORM – the free trial allows you to store as much of your personal information as you feel comfortable entering and up to 10 passwords, so when you come upon your next online form, all you do is push a button on your toolbar and voila! Your form is done!

Another great online tool is SWAGBUCKS. Download this search engine (powered by Google) and every time you conduct a search, you have a chance to earn Swagbucks, which are then redeemable for gift cards (such as Amazon). After just a couple days, I’ve already earned 20 Swagbucks and I can get my first gift card with only 45! Someone I know is trying to earn enough to do all their holiday shopping with the gift cards they earn here…I just might join them!

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