Harris Teeter Triple Coupons!

If you have a Harris Teeter near you, RUN, don’t walk, to it before Tuesday because they are tripling coupons up to $.99.

I just found this out, so I had to make a quick trip (though unprepared) after church last night and I snagged this stuff for $4:
Granted, $2 of the $4 was spent on the Fruit Loops, but I’ve been promising the kids we’d get some since Disney World last year, so it was a good deal.

You can get a more comprehensive list of the deals and matchups here at Southern Savers, but I’m listing below just a few of the coupons you need to snag the deals you see pictured above:
*4/26 SS  Speed Stick $.75/1 (Some are on sale for $2, making it free)
*4/26SS   Colgate $.75/1 (Some are on sale for $2, making it free)
*4/26 RP  Mahatma Rice $.50/1 (get the white rice for $1.49  = free)
*4/5 RP     McCormick Spices  $.75/1 (Choose one for under $2.25 = free)
*4/5 RP     Eggo frozen breakfasts (depending on what you buy, you can get these for around $.25-$.50 after coupons)

Remember, sales and coupons vary across the country. You can also use 20 coupons per day and I’ve heard some stores will not triple printable coupons. For questions on coupon lingo, click my COUPONS tab up above.

Click Here for Harris Teeter’s Policy on Triple Coupons.


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