Monday’s Menu Plan

I hope you guys have been grabbing some of the great deals out there right now. For a little help with what to do with all that food that’s sure to be filling your fridge and pantry, take a look at my menu plan for this upcoming week (you’ll notice the day of the week, followed by columns containing breakfast, lunch, then dinner):

Monday Mickey Waffles & applesauce   Ham & Cheese sandwich with grapes   Beef Daube Provencal:
Tuesday Cereal and applesauce   Chicken BLT & Doritos   Slow roaster rosemary and garlic chicken:
Wednesday frozen waffles and strawberries   PB&J, pineapple   Taco Night – tacos, queso blanco, salsa and chips
Thursday apple juice, mini wheats, prunes   Turkey roll ups, carrot sticks with PB   Chicken Tenders, mashed potatoes and sauteed garlic green beans
Friday Oatmeal and apples   Quesadillas, grapes   Homemade pizza and salad
Saturday Cereal and applesauce   leftovers   Rachael Ray’s Chicken & Biscuits – cut the recipe down (
Sunday Mickey Waffles & grapefruit   Pretzel sandwiches with cheese and pepperoni, grapes   Hamburgers, fries and pasta salad



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