Kroger Triples end today – grab these freebies

I just got back from another trip to Kroger – this time I actually organized myself! I paid $2.40 (including tax) for all of what you see below:

Here’s where I found the coupons:
3/1 RP – Suave   .50/1
3/1 SS – Frank’s Hot Sauce   .50/1
                 Huggies     .50/1
3/15 SS – No Yolk egg noodles   .75/1
3/15 RP – Wish Bone .75/1 (you pay only .25 for the bottle)
3/29 RP – I can’t believe it’s not butter baking sticks .75/1
                     Suave deoderant   .50/1
5/3 SS  – Sure deoderant   .75/1
                  Mentos Gum   .75/1

I also got the Omega 3 Eggs, which cost me $1, and I needed bread, which was .88, which pretty much adds up to the $2 I spent! Everything else above was totally free, except for a few cents I paid on the Huggies and the Wish Bone.

There’s also a Bertolli Sauce coupon (.75/1) in the April Unilever insert that would make these jars only about $.25

Now run out to Kroger because it ends tonight!!!


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