Old Navy Coupons Live Again

oldnavyweekly Just in time for your Saturday shopping, Old Navy has reset its coupons again, while the 2 biggest coupons are already gone, you can still get some great deals. Partner that with the current sale of 1/2 off any men’s item and you can get some great Father’s Day gifts!

Just visit Old Navy Weekly and follow the instructions below to find your coupons! (Thanks to mattlab at slickdeals.net):
$20 off 100-surfer in background comes up on a wave. It takes a little while and he is very fast! (limited number available-25,000)
$15 off 75-in the video. I’ve seen reports that it happens around 8-9 seconds in, click on Kelly’s face feverishly (limited number available-25,000)
$10 off 50-drag blue shirt under “Item of the week” to Enrique (guy on the right with the surfboard)
$5 of 50-vote for Enrique, then for Wesley


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