Thursday’s Thrifty Thought: June 25, 2009

Cut the paper out.

NO, I’m not proposing you start making paper chains to hang all over your home (though those can be festive and fun at the appropriate time – as well as a good method to teach children the concept of time….but that’s another post entirely.) What I am suggesting is that you lay off all those napkins and paper towels you’ve been using and pull out the washcloths and cloth napkins instead.

Sure, they may not be as convenient, but it sure beats paying a lot of money for something that’s just going to end up in the trash. Every meal my 3 year old will ask for a napkin and then use one fraction of it! Everything within me wants to save it to use again at the next meal (and sometimes I would!), but it doesn’t look pretty leaving a bunch of half used napkins, Kleenex’s and paper towels around the house, nor is it very hygienic.

Instead, I’ve been using those old baby washcloths I still have (God knows why, they must never have sold at our garage sales) to use on the kids at mealtime and in between. I have a drawer of dishtowels by the sink, so it’s been just as easy to reach in there for a “napkin” or a towel to clean up little spills and messes. And I’ve found myself saving money in the process.

I always say, where there’s a will there’s a way. Since I haven’t found great deals on paper towel lately, I had to come up with an alternate solution. Don’t worry, I’ll keep using regular toilet paper (luckily Publix has been helping us out by making that their penny item regularly this year). Otherwise, I’ll keep looking for little ways to save so I can pass them along to you.

Now it’s your turn. Do you think I’m crazy? Let me know what you’ve been doing lately that’s been a creative way to save!



One response to “Thursday’s Thrifty Thought: June 25, 2009

  1. I use clioth diapers to be thrifty. At first they were an investment but I bought 12 one size Bum Genius at about $18 a piece, I got them when my oldest was 5 month old they paid for themselves within the next 6-9 months. Now I am waiting for number 3 to come and have not had to spend any more yet. They ae sold through Target and,

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