Monday’s Menu Plan: July 27

Another quick post from the road – make sure you’re getting double uses out of the foods you buy – like BBQ chicken and corn for dinner one night, then using some of the leftover for a fresh salad for lunch the next day. Post some of your favorite variations for us all to enjoy!

Monday Yogurt with fruit and granola, croissant   Char-grilled chicken roll ups with fruit salad   Inside out burgers with oven fries
Tuesday Breakfast Bar & Banana -berry smoothie   Turkey & cheese sandwiches with carrots & PB   Spinach Salad  with with strawberries and shredded chicken
Wednesday Oatmeal with raisins & honey   Taco Chip Salad   Summer Bowtie Pasta with asiago cheese and green peas
Thursday Cereal & applesauce   Lentil Soup with sausage (can be served over rice for a heartier meal)   BBQ Chicken, Corn & Baked Beans
Friday Waffles with PB & Syrup   PB&J with juice pops   Stir Fry over rice with Edamame Salad
Saturday Fruit Oatmeal   Egg salad on a bagel   Our 6th Anniversary Dinner!
Sunday Eggs, grits & bacon   Bean Burritos with queso blanco & salsa fresca   Parmesean Crusted Tilapia with steamed asparagus & rice pilaf

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