Thursday’s Thrifty Thought: July 30, 2009

Need vs. Want

Kitchens everywhere host conversations every night that go something like this:
“Honey, I need a new_____”

“But honey, you just got a new ______ last year.”

“But this _____ really isn’t doing everything the for me that I need. And besides, the newest version would save me so much time, which really will save us money in the long run.”

“Ok, but if you get a new _____, I get a new _____.”


Does this sound familiar? We find ourselves coveting a gadget we don’t really need, yet somehow convince ourselves (and our spouse!) otherwise. And in the midst of the rationalizing, you make matters worse by agreeing to buy yet one more thing you don’t need.

Any money-savvy individual recognizes that the only way to get ahead is by living on significantly less than you make; the only way to do that is by making sacrifices along the way…things like driving a used car, talking on an outdated cell phone and cooking in instead of eating out. While gadgets and gizmos may be fun, life is a lot more enjoyable when living debt-free.

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