Kroger Triple Coupons

krogerOk, if you haven’t already run out to take advantage of triple coupons at Kroger, be sure to check out a few of the deals I found today. Remember, coupons vary by region, which I found out again when I picked up coupons from Kansas City and compared them to what my hubby got for me in Nashville.

Insert Item Cpn Value Final Price
6/28 RP Coffee Mate 0.5 0.49
6/28 RP Hellman’s 0.6 0.70
7/12 SS Hormel Compleats 0.75           FREE!

If you want to see full Kroger matchups for the week – click HERE. However, they are not taking into account Triple Coupons in their deals, so keep that in mind. Also remember that they’re running their Kellogg’s promotion: If you buy 4 of their selected items, you get $4 off your total bill


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