Giveaway: Signed Nicol Sponberg CD

I had the distinct privilege of attending and working with some wonderful women at our Women’s Retreat at Fellowship Bible Chapel this past weekend. Carol Kent shared her heart with us and Nicol Sponberg (from the group Selah) led us in some amazing worship times.

I have to say – my eyes did not stay dry very long! Both women have incredible stories and I admire their transparency and willing to share their stories so that others might learn the mighty power of God’s grace, love, peace & mercy.

Nicol was so gracious and donated a signed copy of her album, Resurrection, to give away to one of my readers! If you would like a chance to win this amazing CD, post a comment below. If you’d like an additional entry, post a link to this entry on your blog or facebook, and then leave an additional post below letting me know!

*I also highly recommend you checking out the Sponberg family’s website HERE to hear more about their incredible story and “Light Your World”, the Luke Sponberg Foundation. If you visit their site and leave a comment or make a donation, let me know and you’ll also receive another entry into the CD giveaway.

Our children are such a blessing and I pray their story will help you treasure your children even more today 🙂


9 responses to “Giveaway: Signed Nicol Sponberg CD

  1. It was nice to meet you today, Sami! Can’t wait to attend your 101 workshop in September!

  2. Sounds wonderful! I would love to hear this!

  3. Sounds awesome. I liked to hear her testimony?

  4. Hi bestest friend….I am thinking I should be the specially selected winner for this super special gift!

    Love you!

  5. Okay, facebooked it….entry numero dos! Love ya!

  6. Hi! I found your blog through masterfamily’s facebook. ill have to start reading it! id love a chance to win the CD too 🙂

  7. facebooked it too!!

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