W Photo: Free Collage UPDATE (August 26)

Click Here!

On Wednesday, August 26, get a FREE PHOTO COLLAGE from Walgreens when you enter the promo code FUNDAY. You can either order online (choose “in store pickup” to make it free) or make it in the store.


4 responses to “W Photo: Free Collage UPDATE (August 26)

  1. Were you able to get this to work? I am trying but it says it doesn’t recognize the code. Thanks!

    • I also had trouble getting it to work just now, but I have been able to take advantage of the other free offers this week, so I still went ahead and ordered mine for in store pickup and will just mention the code to them tomorrow. If they give me a hard time, I’ll just leave it at the store, but I would imagine they will honor it!

  2. Hi Sami,

    I tried the code last night – it appears to only be valid on the day of August 26th. Did they honor the code when you picked up? Blessings and thanks for all of your hard work!

    • It was my fault – the FUNDAY code is only good on Wednesday, August 26th – I misunderstood the photo clerk! I’m so sorry! See my update above…

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