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Menu Plan Monday: 8/30/09

Another week, another plan. As summer ends, we’re trying to incorporate the fresh herbs that have taken on second life in our small garden, as well as finish up all the new vegetables we bought from the farmers market to try! We’re also continuing to do less meat (for health & budget), so you’ll notice more eggs, veggies & pasta worked into this week. I also have a TON of yogurt I got for free (thanks to Kroger Super Doubles this past week!), so you’ll notice I’ve incorporated that into most of our breakfasts and even our snacks.

If you have any recipes you love or variations you’ve tried, please share it with us below. Have a great week and don’t forget to enter the Purity Lovers giveaway before 9/1!

Monday Cereal & Yogurt   Turkey & Cheese on crackers   French’s Crunchy Onion Chicken, Rice Pilaf, Sauteed Squash
Tuesday Oatmeal with raisins & honey   Egg Salad sandwiches   Pasta w/Garlic, Olive Oil & Broccoli, garlic bread & caesar salad
Wednesday Cereal & Yogurt   Cheese & Chicken Quesadillas   Vegetable Stew & biscuits
Thursday Fruit Oatmeal   PB&J, Kiwi   Scrambled Hamburgers with oven fries
Friday Cereal & Yogurt   Ham & Cheese roll ups, carrots & PB   Free Pizza Night! (we have a coupon!)
Saturday Waffles with PB & syrup   Chili (from freezer) & cornbread   Leftovers or ChickfilA after church
Sunday Breakfast Sandwiches   Taco Salads   Rosemary Potato Fritatta

Monday’s Menu Plan: July 20, 2009

We’re still on the road! After a great birthday spend with friends and family at Disney World, we’re now in south Florida. While our eating schedule is altered a bit, I still wanted to give you all a plan for the week so you have something to work off of. Remember, keep mixing in those fresh summer fruits and veggies while you can still get them (so inexpensively!). Take advantage of items like corn that you can cook once, but eat off of for awhile (cook on the grill for dinner one night, then cut the remaining off the cobb for a fresh salsa or salad the next night and then a chowder the night after that!). Once I’m back in my routine again, I’ll get more recipes posted for those fun summer nights!

Monday waffles with Nutella & powdered sugar   Burgers on the grill   Oven Roasted Turkey Breast with mashed potatoes and green beans
Tuesday Free pastries at Starbucks!   Cucumber and cream cheese tortilla rolls   Enchiladas  with salsa fresca and tortilla chips
Wednesday Cereal & blueberries   Ham & Cheese     Baked Pasta with zuchinni, green salad & garlic bread
Thursday Bagels & schmear   PB&J with chips   Grilled Chicken chopped salad
Friday Fruit Oatmeal   Cobb salad   Mac & Cheese with shrimp and bacon
Saturday Strawberry/Banana smoothie   Salad Trio (egg, chicken & tuna on lettuce)   Dinner out after church
Sunday Kariss’ birthday breakfast – whatever she wants!   Grilled Cheese & soup   BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwiches with Baked Beans

Monday’s Menu Plan: July 13, 2009

This month, we’ve challenged ourselves not to go grocery shopping. Well, let me clarify. We’re getting ready to leave for a family roadtrip back to Florida this week, so we knew we only had about 15 days to challenge ourselves to eat out of our stockpile. Sometimes I get so focused on saving and stockpiling that I forget to stop and look at everything we already have hanging around our kitchen.

Let me tell you, not only has it been helpful on our wallet, but it’s been helpful to our waistline! I did spend about $5 last week to get a fresh loaf of bread and some produce, but we’ve drastically cut back on our meat/poultry consumption and have added a lot of beans, soups and salads. We’ve also cut back on our portions in an effort to make what we have stretch further.

We actually won’t be at home for all of this week, but I still gave you a full week’s plan so you have something to work around. There’s a few dishes I couldn’t begin to give you a recipe for since I’d never even heard of them until I met my husband…for example, beans & kielbasa (essentially slices of kielbasa pan sauteed with 3 cans of pinto beans added in once they’re browned) & grits (which my kids say I’m allowed to make now as long as I make them like daddy). However, I also like to keep my own favorites in the mix, like lentil soup, stir fry and rice cakes! It’s all about collaboration and creativity when it comes to making a menu plan for your family. I’ll talk to you next week from Florida!

Monday Frozen Waffles   PB&J on rice cakes   Aglio e Olio spaghetti & green salad
Tuesday Cereal & applesauce   Egg salad on crackers   Lentil Soup with sausage, chickpea salad & rolls
Wednesday Pancakes & berries   BBQ chicken sandwiches   Pinto Beans & Kielbasa over mashed potatoes
Thursday Cereal & banana   Ham & cheese roll ups   Breakfast for dinner
Friday Fruit Oatmeal   Chicken Caesar salad   Cheesy Taco Bake
Saturday Eggs & grits   Bagel Pizzas   Grilled Shrimp skewers & basmati rice
Sunday Yogurt & homemade granola   Hamburgers & oven fries   Stir Fry (chicken &/or veggies) over rice

Monday’s Menu Plan: June 29

This week I’ve decided I really want to find some fresh, local produce to incorporate into my meals, so if anyone knows some good farms in Nashville, please let me know! I’ve also made a commitment to cut out sugar for the week and see if I notice a difference in how I feel (yes, obviously I already know it is better for me, but I want to isolate certian foods and take note of what changes, if any, that I notice). So any suggestions on conquering a sweet tooth will be much appreciated 🙂

Also, I’ve started a new page of RECIPES (which you can find at the bottom of our MENU PLANS page), so keep checking there for some of our favorites and I’ll keep updating it, especially with some of our famous appetizers. Happy eating!

Cereal & yogurt   Dill Chicken Salad on crackers   Baked Pasta, Green Salad & Garlic Bread
Waffles with PB & Syrup   Sandwiches and nectarines   Snappy Tomato (Pizza Buffet with our out of town guests!)
Fruit smoothies   Chicken Noodle soup and saltines   Taco Night
Cereal & berries   Roasted Garlic Hummus on Pita, grapes   Pesto Grilled Chicken Salad
Fruit Oatmeal   sandwiches, carrots w/peanut butter and fruit snacks   Taco Night
Eggs & grits   cheese quesadillas   Parmesean Crusted Baked Tilapia with wild rice and broccoli
Cereal & applesauce   Leftovers   Chicken parmesean over spaghetti with asparagus

Monday’s Menu Plan: June 15

Let this serve as a guide, inspiration or your week’s full menu! If you have any ideas, suggestions or questions, please post them below.

Cereal & banana   Sandwiches, nectarine    Garlic Roast Chicken with Potatoes
waffles with peanut butter & syrup   Chicken Noodle Soup & crackers   Mexican Lasagna, refried beans, fresh salsa
Smoothies with yogurt and berries   Cheese Quesadillas & apple slices   Chili with cornbread
Breakfast Burrito   Spinach Salad with Strawberries   BBQ Chicken Pizza
Oatmeal with raisins and honey   sandwiches, nuts and fruit snacks   Mac & Cheese with Chicken & Broccoli
Cereal & fruit   Leftovers   Pick up dinner after church
Fruit Oatmeal   PB&J, applesauce   Crock pot Pot Roast with carrots and mashed potatoes

Monday’s Menu Plan: June 7

I’m still working on getting some of my homemade recipes online, but here are a few fresh recipes to try for this week!

Monday Oatmeal with raisins, cinnamon & honey   Sandwiches, pretzels & grapes   Balsamic Chicken with baby spinach and couscous
Tuesday Smoothies   Chicken & Cheese quesadillas with fresh salsa   Greek Feta Burgers (without olives!) & oven fries
Wednesday cereal, fruit and toast   Corn chowder and easy rolls   Buffalo Chicken Salad
Thursday breakfast sandwich (egg & cheese on English Muffin)   Egg salad on crackers and carrot sticks   Beef Stew over mashed potatoes
Friday waffles with peanut butter & syrup   sandwiches, nuts and fruit snacks   Pizza night!
Saturday Fruit Oatmeal   Kielbasa & Pinto Beans   Dinner out after church
Sunday Cereal and berries   Spinach Salad with Strawberries   Mexican Lasagna

Monday’s Menu: 5/25/09

Sorry this is a little late today. With the holiday, some spontaneous weekend travel and house guests about to arrive, my schedule has been a bit off! No worries though, you can still pick up some great tips for this week’s menu.

Summer is a great time to fire up the grill (even if it’s only your George Foreman inside!) and cook some healthy, tasty dishes. Don’t forget to grab some corn (which has been on sale a lot) and fresh berries (for salads, snacks and smoothies) next time you’re at the store, or look for CSA (community supported agriculture) farms in your area that provide locally grown produce.

I’ve also been noticing that whole chickens have been uner $1/pound this month, so I’ve bought a couple of these, cooked them in the crockpot and either made soup, or I freeze the stock and then use the chicken throughout the week (cut up on salad, in quesadillas or for chicken salad). I’m also working on uploading some of my own recipes for the dishes you see, so stay tuned for that.

One last note, I never ate meatloaf in my life before I met my husband (in my opinion, the words “meat” and “loaf” should notbe in the same sentence!). However, he loves it, so I found a recipe by Tyler Florence for his dad’s meatloaf, and it’s really fantastic. My husband and his family love cutting up the leftovers and making Meatloaf Sandwiches by putting a thick piece on fresh bread with some mayo – not my thing, but give it a try if you like!

Cereal & a smoothie   Egg salad sandwiches   Buffalo Chicken Legs with Blue Cheese sauce, baked beans, carrots & celery
Frozen waffles and fruit   PB&J, chips & fruit   Homemade Chicken Noodle soup, biscuits
Oatmeal with raisins, cinnamon & honey   Chicken salad sandwiches, red pear   Hamburgers, oven fries and green salad
breakfast sandwich (eggs, bacon & cheese on English muffin)   Grilled cheese and tomato soup   Southern Fried Chicken salad (Chicken tenders on a bed of lettuce, cucumber, tomato, cheese, cilantro & red onion)
Pancakes and blueberries   sandwiches, nuts and fruit snacks   Ultimate Meatloaf, mashed potatoes, roasted zucchini
eggs, grits and toast   Miso soup and rice   Tacos & quesadillas for the kids