New Site – same great deals!

eCONEmic Living has a new website! Please visit us at for more great freebies, deals, tips and fun!


2 responses to “New Site – same great deals!

  1. Norm (Skip) Clark

    Sami…Read your article in the GoodNews paper in Ft.Laud. I’m with and we make Ocean Solution, a super-nutrient made from pure ocean water. All 90 elements that our Lord created are in our product. It is certified organic and is about 30% less expensive than toxic fertilizers. Herbs, vegetables, flowers and fruit will be the healthiest and most nutritious they can be. Just trying to get the word out. Check our web and read about the many testimonials or email me for more info. Romans 13:8……..Skip

    • Skip – sorry I’m just seeing this now as most of the time I’m over on the new site – I’d love to learn more about your product and do a review on the site. Can you tell me more?

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