Publix Coupon Policy

Publix Coupon basics

These tips are some basic guidelines for handling coupons.
-Most of the rules around accepting coupons can be found right on the coupon.
-Be sure to check size and quantity requirements on all items.
-Check expiration dates on all coupons.
-Coupons can be used on clearance items.
-Publix coupons can be used with manufacturer coupons for a single item.
-Always limit use of manufacturer coupons to one per an item.
-Coupons that do not have size limits can be used on trial or travel sizes.

Internet Coupons
Customers might present coupons that they’ve printed from the Internet. Follow these rules when handling Internet coupons.

-Publix accepts Internet coupons for $5 or less without manager approval.
-Obtain manager or team leader approval before accepting Internet coupons valued over $5.
-Publix does not accept free product Internet coupons.
-Remember, we want to provide the customer with as much value as we can by allowing coupon to be accepted if possible.

Publix coupons
It’s important to understand how Publix coupons are different from manufacturer coupons: they’re actually price reductions. Publix receives credit for manufacturer coupons from vendors, while Publix coupons are actually a price reduction by Publix. That’s why a Publix coupon and a manufacterer coupon can be used on the same item.

Double coupons
The following rules apply to the double coupon policy.

-Manufacturer coupons, up to 50 cents, will be doubled for a maximum savings of $1 per coupon.
-Double coupons are accepted every day of the week.
-Coupons for free items, Publix coupons, and coupons for alcohol and tobacco items are excluded from the double coupon policy.
-A customer can present a doubled manufacturer coupon along with a Publix coupon for the same item.

Coupons and Buy One, Get One free specials
Coupons can be used on both items purchased in a BOGO special.


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