Flip Video Camera for only $4.99!

Yes, you read that correctly! After months of saving and researching, it all came down to this:
We finally acquired a cute little Flip video Camera for only Four dollars and 99 cents! How?

Well, I’m glad you asked! We’ve been wanting something compact that we could keep on us most days and capture those fun little life moments you always miss when you don’t have a camcorder (or have a bulky one you only pull out for vacations and holidays). I had heard great reviews about the Flip from everyone from newscasters to stay at home moms. It had been on sale for $59.99 at Amazon when I realized that if I earned enough SWAGBUCKS (a free way to earn things simply by doing internet searches – click the button on my right column to learn more!) I could use them to get an AMAZON e gift card and buy it. Well, it didn’t happen in time, but then this month it went on sale even more, to $49.99!

So, I took my $15 in Amazon gift cards I’d earned, signed up for an Amazon Credit Card (giving me another $30), qualified for Super Saver Shipping since it was over $25 and my total bill was…$4.99! Not bad at all! As I went to add the link for you all to see, I just saw the price went up to $85, so I’ll definitely keep my eye out to see if the deal returns.

It does only record 30 minutes of video, but it’s super user friendly, uploads easily to your computer or the web and like I said, is a gem for toting around with you for those unexpected moments in your day when you used to say, “I wish I had my camera!”

Check out the video my husband took at Lowe’s this morning of the kids building pirate ships at the Free Build & Grow Clinic (every other Saturday – check out my Saturday Deals HERE)


One response to “Flip Video Camera for only $4.99!

  1. Great video of the kids! They look like they are having a fun time.

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